Atm-View | Multivendor Atm Monitoring , Cash Management, Video Banking



Marketing content distribution to the main screen of the ATMs. Transparency over the ATM software. In the event of an ATM failure, the application may display a route to the nearest ATM or the list of available ATMs.



Centralized management of the network of screens planning and Scheduling User Management Operating status of the displays Updating content Notifications (alerts, various info ....)

Our features

We have a professional solution for communicating with an unlimited amount of screens in real-time. Specialists in the distribution of dynamic content on displays, we have created a market-leading SaaS platform which allows brands to show any type of contextualised dynamic content.

Easy to use

Create your campaigns by simply dragging your media and Apps into the timeline.

Support 24/7

Our dedicated support team, is responsive, knowledgeable and proactive.

Fast to deploy

Schedule and publish your messages in any way you wish: by date, hour, day of the week or location.

Reasonable price

Atm-View supports managing hundreds or thousands of screens. We provide special pricing for large volumes.

Signage Widgets

At no extra cost, receive full access to over 20+ dynamic widgets. All widgets are drag & drop and do not require hours of technical integration. Simply choose your widget, add it the canvas and input your media.

Secure Data

Top-grade encryption, firewall and other security features to make sure your screen stay safe.

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Modernization of ATM services

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Video Banking

Offers customers the ability to easily video conference with the bank and express their needs.

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Interaction with clients for information gathering and business lead generation.

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Digital Signage

Multichannel solution for distributing marketing campaigns and publishing informative messages to customers.

Open branch formats invite interaction and focus assistance where needed.

Customers enjoy a faster, more convenient and relevant experience.

Branch staff can focus more on high-value customer conversations.

Straightforward teller transactions become completely automated.

Modular, flexible and reliable cash solutions free staff from repetitive tasks.