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ATM Monitoring

MultiVendor Atm Management & Monitoring Solution

Atm-View 360° monitoring solution aims essentially to improve the availability of your ATMs fleet . Atm-View offers a highly technological, modular and flexible solution to reduce the costs and risks of ATM operations. More , the solution offers a set of smart dashboards to describe the usage trends and the most complex situations on the operation of your fleet.

The right choice to increase the Availability of your Atm network!

ATMs are critical self-service channels and it is imperative for banks to effectively monitor and manage these assets to ensure business continuity. Banks are striving hard to improve ATM channel performance and monitor the performance of supporting agencies, maintain SLAs and gain visibility into ATM management.

Real-time Health view XFS Based

Atm management

Detailed Error Messages and Alerts.

Video Surveillance

Remote Operations


Incident Management

Cash Management

Integrated Dashboard